Reach everyoneby live streamingyour all-hands

ScreenCloud Broadcast lets you securely connect 

with your employees - wherever they’re working.

Zoom & OBS integrations

If you’re using Zoom for your all-hands meetings,  you can now easily share them via live streaming to reach all employees, including the ones who  may not typically be on their own screen.

Broadcast in action

Commitment to security

ScreenCloud Broadcast was built to meet the security needs of today, with password protection and login required to view live streams plus Slack and MS Teams authentication. 

Lights, camera, action

Works on signage screens, desktop and mobile

Super simple to set up and use

Can be scheduled as part of Company TV

Interactive reactions during the live streaming

Live content via a web browser for everybody 

Low-latency video experience built on the same live streaming technology that powers Twitch

Get early access

ScreenCloud Broadcast is currently in beta and available on an invite-only basis. Enter your email address below to request early access.