Returning To The Office

Up to date practical advice to make your transition back to the office as relaxed as possible!

Ensure you and your teams are aware of new government guidelines, creating a happy and safe office environment. Utilise your digital screens help to engage more employees with interactive, visual information and the ability to always keep updates relevant.

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So, what are the latest guidelines?

Complete a COVID-19 risk assessment. Share it with all your staff.

Increase how often you clean surfaces. Ask your staff and your visitors to use hand sanitiser and wash their hands frequently.

Ask your visitors to wear face coverings where required to do so by law. That is especially important if your visitors are meeting new people.

Make sure everyone is social distancing. Make it easy for everyone to do so by putting up signs or introducing a one-way system that your staff and visitors can follow.

Consider ventilation. This can be helped with air conditioning, air purifiers or opening windows regularly.

Take part in Test and Trace by keeping a record of all staff and contractors for the allotted time outlined by our regional or national government. 

Turn people with coronavirus symptoms away. If a staff member (or someone in their household) or a visitor has symptoms, they should self isolate.

Consider the mental health and wellbeing aspects of COVID-19 for yourself and others.

Practical advice you can easily implement in your office environment

Arrange work spaces to keep staff apart

Reduce face-to-face meetings

Work from home if possible

Consider using barriers to separate people and introduce back-to-back or side-by-side desks.

Encourage calls or video conferences to avoid in-person meetings.

Office workers who can work effectively from home should do so over the winter.

Communicate and train

Gain valuable feedback from staff

Reduce crowding

Make sure all staff and visitors are kept up to date with the safety measures.

Consider using booking systems for desks or rooms. Reduce the maximum occupancy for lifts.

Encourage your teams your offer their input. 

Download Our COVID Graphics

To make the transition back to the office as stress free as possible, we have created a set of 5 unique graphics.  You can edit and use these images as you please. Simply download the images in your preferred format. 

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