Reach Your Remote Workers Wherever They Are

Now you can share real time updates in a company TV channel or playlist while employees work from home. Keep everyone connected to your one source of truth, with visual announcements, messages and data from your organization, even while working remotely.

Easy to Watch Company TV for All Your Employees

Embed in your intranet

Create a page in any employee portal like Notion, Confluence or Sharepoint to play your live Channel.

Watch on a second screen or in your browser

Employees can play and interact with your Channel on a monitor, iPad or in their browser, for ambient, real time updates while they work. 

6 Types of Content to Share in Your Channel

Play live updates regularly to your entire workforce


Share real time data to those who need it securely, even while working at home.


Add the important updates so that they don’t get missed.

Team photos

Invite employees to easily share snapshots from their day to stay connected.


Keep your most important reminders visible for teams working remotely.


Give praise or birthday shout outs to your employees to increase team happiness.

Project Status

Show which projects are on track and which ones are at risk inside your Channel.

See how easy it is to share a Channel to your entire team

Create a Channel

Add content

3  Grab your shareable link

Share by private or public link

Choose whether to share access by a public link, or by asking users to login to your organization first, to keep things private. 

Want access?

Let us know and we’ll activate Embeddable Channels in your account today